First trails cut at New Mayflower Mountain Resort, UT as construction begins

Artistic representation of the hotels of the Mayflower Mountain Resort, Utah. pc: Extell Utah

Wasatch County Council heard an update at their meeting last week on proposed work for the new Mayflower Mountain Resort (MMR).

Although the ski is not expected to open until late 2024, New York-based real estate firm Extell Development Company (EDC) is moving ahead with construction of some of the slopes; 14 ski runs and 11 hiking and biking trails, to be exact. These paths mark only the beginning of the process. It is estimated that there are nearly 1,000 skiable acres with 15 ski lifts and one gondola when it is finally complete.

Freshly cut trails along the mountainside of the Mayflower Mountain Resort construction site, June 2022. pc:kpcw

According to Extell-Utah Vice President of Development Brooke Hontz, many trails are still in the planning stages and have yet to be cleared. This new trail construction (or maybe deconstruction is more appropriate?) will pass through the Dutch Hollow and Bonanza regions. According to the original development agreement, all of these trails will be for public use. Speaking more about these trails and their intended uses, Mrs. Hontz reports,

I hope that’s an advantage. Now we’re putting in a connected trail through private property, which you weren’t supposed to be on before, that allowed the public, free access, to not only traverse the thousands of acres of trails we’ll be walking have trails on the minimum 50 miles of trails – but you can walk through this property and actually enjoy it.”

MMR’s master plan includes not just a ski resort with summer runs, but a massive new state-of-the-art base village with even potential for a future connection with Deer Valley Resort, at least according to the possible under the 199-year agreement between Owner/Operator of EDC and Deer Valley Resort, Alterra Mountain Company.

Mayflower Resort Development
Development planned for Mayflower Mountain Resort, Utah. pc: Deer Valley Resort

At MMR, Extell is working alongside the Military Installation Development Authority (an agency created to develop military land in Utah) to build a 5-star luxury property and three hotels. At least 100 of the rooms will be donated to military personnel to give back to veterans and honor the military and their service. The base village will also include a ski school and a 70,000 square foot multi-level convention center with a ski beach. Kurt Krieg, Extell-Utah’s vice president of development, predicts a late 2025 retail opening.

Krieg thinks it will be a one-of-a-kind station. Speaking to a local reporter, he saidThis is designed to be a pedestrian village where you come from and park your car. You have everything within walking distance.”

Mayflower ski beach kpcw-min
Artist’s rendering of the Mayflower Mountain resort village and ski beach. pc:kpcw

Krieg also sees the activity in the village as a little different from most. Explain to a local journalist, he says;

Thus, your activity during the day will be concentrated on the ski beach. So, you know, your outdoor dining, watching the skiers descend and really participating. And then during the afternoon it really changes after the afternoon and goes into the heart of the village, where you have fire pits and your retail and outdoor seating, or outdoor dining for the restaurants.

artist's rendering of the station
Artistic representation of the village of Mayflower Mountain Resort. pc:kpcw

After debuting in 2021, it looks like the new MMR is really starting to take shape with the first trail cuts. With many of these trails facing north and expert split terrain and a majority of the resort geared towards intermediate and expert terrain, this could be the start of something special. We will be sure to follow the unfolding of this story.

Base Village at Mayflower Mountain
Base Village at Mayflower Mountain Resort. pc:ozarch


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