Would you be prepared for a power outage due to a winter storm?


Now is the time to prepare not only your home for the winter season, but also your family, if a winter storm leaves you without power.

“We encourage our customers to always be prepared for power outages. Bob Gammer, director of northern community relations for BC Hydro, said, “Basically we’re saying you should have an emergency kit to get you through the first 72 hours. “

Gammer noted that some people find it hard to believe that a power outage would last that long, but when you have exceptional storms like the one in the Lower Mainland and the Southern Interior, suddenly 72 hours is a reality for you. a lot of people, so it’s important to be prepared.

When there is heavy snowfall, Gammer said it can really slow down the restoration effort.

“If this happens, we ask the customer to be patient with us, to give us a little more time, definitely call the blackout if you are without power. Don’t assume your neighbor called them, call us at 1-800-bchydro to report your outage and location. Let’s go back to the emergency kit again, knowing that with heavy snow it will take longer to restore power in many cases, not all cases, but it’s good to have this emergency to close at hand and that you know where it is and can be accessed quickly. “

To find out what to put in this emergency kit, visit BC Hydro.com/safety.


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