With POW Bike, the cycling community prepares to protect the places we ride, the lifestyle we love


As the smoke drifts east and the berms loosen, Protect Our Winters (POW) is helping the cycling community kick into high gear to take action for cleaner air and a healthier planet. With the launch of POW Bike, POW will organize professional athletes, brands and the wider cycling community to protect the places we ride and the lifestyle we love, and all that lives beyond singletrack, impacts of global warming.

POW Bike’s inaugural team includes icons, world champions, Olympians and local legends including Rebecca Rush, Dillon Osleger, Kait Boyle, Kurt Refsnider, Christopher Blevins, Sarah Sturm, Barry Wicks, Matthew LietoChris Cosentino, Serena Gordon, Alyssa GonzalezWilliam Cadham, Mark Taylor, Lea Davison, Peter Stetina, Evelyn Dong, Lael Wilcox, Kathy Pruitt, Kate Courtney, Ted KingSam Schultz, Caitlin Bernstein and Hannah Bergman.

“Mountain biking has given me a sense of community, a way to push and learn about myself, and an opportunity to explore and experience the natural environment in all the beautiful places my bike has taken me. take away. Over the past few years, fire season has become a staple of every California summer, affecting air quality and decimating so many communities, open spaces, and trail networks. The consequences of climate change go far beyond its impact on sport – but I believe that as athletes we have a unique connection to the environment and an opportunity to use our platforms to fight change climate and help protect these precious places for the future.

– Kate Courtney, world champion, Olympian and bicycle racer

POW will support POW Bike Alliance athletes with training and resources on how to advocate for climate solutions, speak directly to lawmakers, and influence policy to get the outdoor sports community to vote . The Bike Alliance, both athletes and brands, will also be empowered to educate and organize the 52 million people in the United States who ride bikes, nearly doubling the size of what POW calls the Outdoor State, or people in the United States who regularly participate in outdoor recreation.

Camelbak, Wild Rye and Cannondale form the first POW Bike Brand Alliance. “Our mission at Cannondale is to be an inclusive brand and to welcome people outdoors, where they can build a lifetime of memories on a bike. With that mission comes the responsibility to protect the places we love to play and ensure that future generations have clean air to breathe and water to drink, and that’s exactly why being part of POW Bike is a natural partnership for us,” said Massimo Alpian, global communications manager at Cannondale, who joined POW on Capitol Hill in June.

In addition to athletes, brands, and riders across the country, POW also partners with like-minded organizations and nonprofits, including People for Bikes. “Whether you’re hitting your local single-track trail or doing your errands on your bike, you’re taking action for the climate. Kudos to our partners at POW for bringing professional cycling athletes – natural climate advocates – into their alliance,” said Jenn Dice, President and CEO of PeopleForBikes. “We’re excited to work together to protect the places we all love to ride.”


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