Winter storm will arrive in the Midwest and Northeast after rapid snowfall


Winter weather is expected from the plains north to the Great Lakes and northeast in the early meteorological spring.

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The winter storm is likely to arrive in the Midwest, the Northeast

Two fast mowers from Alberta could sweep the area this week before a larger winter storm arrives by the weekend.

Typically, mower storms will bring a few inches of snow to some areas, but forecasters are watching for the caboose storm, which could bring a few inches of snow midweek, according to AccuWeather.

According to AccuWeather meteorologist Matt Benz, storm track mowers will produce a brief burst of precipitation.

During Monday’s first clipper storm crossing the Canada-US border, light snowfall was reported in the upper Great Lakes region. As the system moved east Tuesday morning, rain showers and snow blanketed New York and New England.

During Tuesday afternoon, rain showers were reported in sections of Pennsylvania and Ohio further south.

Next week, a second clipper will begin moving southeast across the Northern Plains and Upper Midwest before heading northeast late Wednesday or early Thursday morning.

About 2 to 3 inches of snow are expected to fall as each storm moves through the northern hemisphere. That’s enough to make roads slippery and impair drivers’ vision, but long-term problems are unlikely, noted Courtney Travis, senior meteorologist at AccuWeather.

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Areas to see snow accumulation

For motorists, Wednesday night’s second clipper of the week could be the most dangerous as it brings snow to the eastern Great Lakes and northeast.

There’s a good chance that parts of New York and New England will have 1 to 3 inches of snowfall, with pockets of heavier accumulations in the interior mountains, according to Yahoo News.

Heavy snowfall and total whiteout conditions were the result of Sunday’s snow squalls in this region. This week’s clipper show in the Great Lakes and Northeast is set to end, according to Travis.

Possible travel delays

Next, for the central states, forecasters will watch for a storm that could bring spring weather risks such as increased risk of fires, flooding and severe weather to parts of the south, as well as weather-related issues. winter in the northern regions of America.

According to long-range forecasters from AccuWeather, an ice storm will form over the Great Lakes and move northeast late Friday or early Saturday. Packed snow, some of which may be heavy, is expected to fall north and west of the ice.

Travel delays are expected to increase in central and eastern states during the first week of March, experts say, as more information becomes available in the following days.

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