Where to find Mountain Groves in Minecraft


Where to find Dripstone Caves in Minecraft

If they have a water source, Dripstone Blocks will grow Sharp Dripstone in the form of stalactites and stalagmites. These sharp tips are a lot of fun to watch and can be used to create endless lava or water cauldrons. However, before you can use them, you must first locate them. In Minecraft, here’s how to find Dripstone Caves.

Unfortunately, finding a Dripstone cave in Minecraft is not guaranteed. The cave is a new biome that was added to the game in Caves and Cliffs Update Part 2, so like any other biome, you’ll have to explore to find one. Fortunately, the caverns have been redeveloped with generator upgrades, so you can search multiple ravines and caves until you find one.

Don’t waste your time looking for Dripstone Caverns outside of caves or ravines; they will always appear inside. Their brown blocks will easily be distinguished from dirt or granite, and the Pointed Dripstone should leak water or lava. Naturally, mining Dripstone blocks with lava dripping from their sharp Dripstone should be avoided.

After collecting Dripstones, you can grow Sharp Dripstones at home by placing water above or below. After that, you can make a Dripstone block out of four sharp Dripstones.


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