Where to eat in Chamonix: 5 essential addresses


Whether you come to Chamonix to ski, snowboard or simply relax with the view, one thing is for sure! You must eat. And this pleasant little town has no shortage of choices for culinary delights. In fact two things are certain, you have to sleep too. What better place to spend a fantastic winter holiday than in a chamonix ski lodge. Imagine a luxury chalet all to yourself, use the hot tub for a peaceful night in, or invite all the friends over for movie night in the private cinema room. This list is all about some of the best places to eat in Chamonix, but maybe one of those places is with a private chef in your chalet’s five-star kitchen? The choice is yours!

1. Albert I

A highly refined dining experience with two Michelin stars. This is undoubtedly the top tier of the ski resort in terms of fine dining. Dining among the clouds and mountain peaks is like stepping into paradise. The most recommended menu is that of the Maison de Savoie. Add a wine pairing to enhance the experience and make your vacation in Chamomix even more special.

2. The gondola

Its attractive location in the center of Chamomix and its strategic location near the casino make La Télécabine the ideal place to start the evening. Decorated in a modern and cozy style with a large outdoor terrace, you are sure to feel comfortable. The restaurant serves traditional and modern French and European dishes. Order anything from the a la carte menu with all the foodie options.

3. The Impossible Organic Restaurant

An Italian style restaurant in a very French ski resort. L’Impossible is a revamped farm serving organic and farm fresh recipes as well as handmade pastas, breads and pastries. Don’t expect modern French style here, this place is traditional, like your Nona used to be, Italian. They also offer three hour cooking classes so you can bake the bread you’ve enjoyed, but don’t do it better than them.

4. Chez Constant

A lovely little ski themed lodge with charming decorative details throughout. Come for a light lunch and choose from the a la carte menu or a decadent dinner that is sure to delight. Young food lovers are also welcome with a delicious menu for children under ten.

5. The 4 Seasons Basket

Traditions here are valued, but not scared away as the rotation of classic is increased. Regional wines alongside modern dishes, reinvented French staples for the ever-changing palate. A surprise and a taste of France in every bite. One thing that is not surprising is the use of fresh local ingredients. Open only for dinner, be sure to book and come early. Some stalking a quiet little lane makes this place the romantic and relaxing evening you deserve.

All in all, there are a variety of delicious options to try in Chamonix. And if you’re a vegan traveling to the area, don’t be discouraged. You can find a variety of vegan meals to suit your tastes even here. There is something for everyone in this beautiful town.


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