What is covered if damaged during a winter storm


SPOKANE, Wash. – Winter is in full swing in the Northwest Interior, which means snowstorms.

Damage to your home, car, or business can be caused by broken branches or heavy snow. It is important to know what your insurance covers.

“From slippery vehicles to frozen pipes and water leaks, property and vehicle damage is often the unfortunate result of winter storms,” said Kenton Brine, chairman of the NW Insurance Council. Fortunately, in most cases storm damage is covered by insurance.

The NW Insurance Council said you should remove heavy snow and ice from the roofs and gutters of your property’s structures, and shovel snow from stairs and driveways. Also check the perimeter of your property for snow that could block the ventilation pipes of heaters, dryers and other flame-heated appliances, which could cause the build-up of lethal amounts of carbon monoxide in it. interior of a building.

You can see what is and is not covered here.

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