What are mountain biomes in Minecraft 1.18? All players should know


As a major component of Minecraft update 1.18, Mountains have been reworked quite significantly, adding biomes to the expanding mountain ranges now capable of generating in-game.

Mountain biomes are now the name given to six distinct biomes that can be found either on the slopes of a mountain or at their peaks. Depending on the location, three biomes are able to generate on slopes and three on mountain peaks. For the most part, these biomes have a cold or snowy temperature, although there are two in particular that have a chance of spawning in a temperate climate, and one in particular that can even generate lush variation.

Minecraft: Breaking Down New Mountain Biomes

New biomes are always a welcome addition for Minecraft players (Image via Mojang)
New biomes are always a welcome addition for Minecraft players (Image via Mojang)

While players have a lot to explore with the new mountain biomes, it helps to know a bit more about them and how they differ in Minecraft. While they share more similarities than differences, it is worth knowing about these contrasts in order to distinguish between different mountain biomes. A breakdown can be found below:

Slope biomes

  • Meadows – A grassy Minecraft biome that resembles standard plains biomes. Crowds such as sheep, rabbits and donkeys are able to breed here. A small assortment of flowers can be found in this biome, as well as a tree, which will always have a honeycomb attached to it. Villages and Raider Outposts can also spawn in Grasslands, making Grasslands the only mountain biome capable of containing villages.
  • Groves – A spruce forest that is generated on the slopes of the mountains. Similar to a taiga biome, but has a lot more snow than blocks of grass. Rabbits, Wolves, and Red Foxes can be found in this biome and use the same mob breeding chance as Windswept Hill biomes when breeding hostile or ambient mobs.
  • Snowy slopes – As the name suggests, Minecraft’s snowy slope biomes are almost entirely made up of snow. They are in most cases completely sterile, with the exception of a few rabbits or goats that one might find. Snowy Slope biomes can also feature igloos on occasion and have the same hostile / ambient mob spawning chance as Windswept Hills.

Cutting-edge biomes

  • Jagged peaks – Cold, sharp, and filled to the brim with stone, Jagged Peaks are biomes that can reach very high in the clouds and often contain a solid supply of minerals. Goats are the only creatures players should expect to see here with any regularity, though they share the same respawn chance as Windswept Hills like many mountain biomes.
  • Frozen Peaks – Generated in the smoother hills of Minecraft, Frozen Peaks feature mostly snow and packed ice. However, they can sometimes reach quite a high level when spawned, but not as much as Jagged Edge biomes. Like Jagged Woodpeckers, Frozen Woodpeckers sometimes spawn goats, but not much else.
  • Stony peaks – A warmer variation of a peak compared to the other two options, stony peaks can be found when mountains appear near hot or warm biomes like savannas or jungles. It is mostly covered with stones and calcite boulder deposits, as well as plenty of ores that Minecraft players can mine. No passive monsters are known to breed in these biomes, and their foliage exhibits a unique light green coloration compared to other biomes.

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