West Holmes FFA place at the Holmes County Fair


The Holmes County Fair was held August 8-14 at Harvest Ridge. There were many exciting activities throughout the week which featured many West Holmes FFA members.

Sarah Irwin was crowned Beautiful Queen and Garrett Houin was crowned Beautiful King. Member Alysa Pringle was attendant.

Many FFA members participated in animal shows and enjoyed success throughout the week. Prizes were awarded to:

Pork: Derek Miller, Hog Market Grand Champion, Supreme Showman for Hogs, Main Exhibitor of the General Market; Emily Harrower, seventh overall market hog; Madison Ringwalt, ninth overall market hog, Grand Champion Pork Carcass Show; Pacee Miller, 10th overall market hog, fifth overall senior showman Alysa Pringle, division three; Jess Miller, Taelor Patterson, Dakotah Ringwalt finished third in class; fourth-in-class Blake Patterson, Maddie Scheetz and Alexa Tate; Grant Miller, fifth in class.

Beef: Hayden Smith, Grand Champion Market Manager, Supreme Showman, Main General Market Exhibitor; Pacee Miller Reserve Champion Market Steer, Reserve Senior Showman, Grand Champion Heifer, Grand Champion Carcass Steer; Miley Snow, third overall market leader, third in senior directing; Derek Miller, fourth overall steer in the market and senior showmanship, Holmes County Grand Champion, bred steer; Jess Miller, fifth senior showmanship, fourth in class at market show, third in class at breeding show; Casey Ogi, third in intermediate staging, second in market class; Andi Schuch, fourth steer bred in Holmes County, fifth middle staging, Grand Champion rate-winning steer; Laina Croskey, third in her class, ninth steer bred in Holmes County; Sophia Stitzlein, fourth in class; Olivia Gerber, third feeder calf overall.

Goats: Hayden Smith, Grand Champion Market Goat, Supreme Showman Market Goats, Outstanding Market Exhibitor; Claire Drzazga, Reserve Champion market goat, third in intermediate presentation; Cora Crilow, fifth market goat, reserve senior showman, reserve champion breeding doe; Pacee Miller, sixth goat in the market overall, third in senior showing; Logan VanSickle, eighth overall in market goats, fourth in senior showing; Maren Drzazga, seventh senior showmanship, fourth market class and fourth breeding class; Alexa Tate, fifth in class; Gabby Yates, sixth intermediate director; Rowan Holasek, eighth intermediate director; Cassidy Holasek, Reserve Intermediate Showman. Sarah Irwin, Supreme Dairy Goat Showman, was the grandmother and daughter of Reserve Jr. Dairy Goat, the best reserve of udder and milk production; Alex Pringle, third dairy market goat. Brianna Poventud, fifth overall dwarf goat, third in senior showmanship, third in costume contest. Gabby Mendoza, second in class with her dwarf goat and eighth in the costume contest.

Sheep: Chloe Shumaker, Grand Champion Market Lamb, Reserve Senior Showman, Reserve Champion Breeder Ewe; Taelor Patterson, No. 3 Overall Market Lamb, No. 4 Senior Showman, Holmes County Grand Champion Breed Lamb; Cora Crilow, sixth overall market lamb, supreme showman for sheep; Sophia Stitzlein, eighth overall in market lambs, fifth in senior showing, third in breeding sheep; Jess Miller, ninth lamb overall, sixth in senior showing, second in ewe breeding class; Madison Pearce-Laferty, third in intermediate presentation, third in class, sixth overall in breeding lambs; Blake Patterson, sixth intermediate director.

Poultry: Sarah Irwin, Supreme Poultry Showman, Jr. Commercial Couple First Class; Alysa Pringle, 10th overall market chicken, fourth senior show; Maren Drzazga, third in class market chickens; Malia Lennington, Third Class Market Chickens, First Intermediate Staging; Claire Drzazga, 5th in the market chicken class; Gabby Mendoza, first for overweight market chickens; Logan VanSickle, third senior show. Quentin Vehrs, fifth turkey on the market overall; Derek Miller, seventh-ranked turkey, reserve senior showman; Bree Pringle, fourth class market turkey; Hayden Smith, fourth class market turkey; Malia Lennington, fourth intermediate director; Grady Hawkins, third in class, fifth in senior show; Gabby Yates, fourth overall in the market ducks; Malia Lennington, seventh overall market duck, fifth senior showman, second fancy duck class.

Rabbits: Sarah Irwi, seventh overall fryer, reserve senior showman; Madison Pearce-Laferty, 10th overall in rabbits, sixth in intermediate presentation; Hailey Richert, first category over/underweight; Keith Hawkins, fourth class of market rabbits, third class of breeding rabbits; Maddie Scheetz, sixth senior director; Layla Crayton, third in the over/underweight category; Malia Lennington, fourth intermediate director.

Horses: Ian Barr, Supreme Horse Showman, he also won the Ranch Riding, Ranch Pleasure and Versatility class; Bree Pringle, first in barrels, posts, low and back, ball run, stakes and flags, and fifth overall in versatility; Garrett Houin, second in barrels, down & back, and stakes and third in ball run.

Dairy: Wyatt Schlauch, Holstein Grand Champion, Supreme Grand Champion, Brown Swiss and Holstein Reserve Champion, JR Reserve Champion. Holstein; John Maloney, JR Champion Holstein, First Place Summer Yearling Holstein, First Place Senior Yearling Holstein, Fourth Place Spring Heifer Holstein, Honorable Mention Grand Champion Holstein; Maison Carter, Guernsey Grand Champion, Ayrshire Grand Champion, Junior Supreme Champion, first place Senior Yearling Guernsey, third in senior showmanship;. Drake Yoder, Brown Swiss junior champion, fourth in senior showmanship.

Dairy feeders: Maddie Scheetz, eighth overall dairy feeder, fifth in senior showmanship.

Spawning llama: Jarrett Schafer, Reserve Breeding Llama Champion

Supreme staging: Showman Champion Cora Crilow, Hayden Smith was third, Ian Barr fourth and Derek Miller ninth.


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