Wednesday in Oregon: More rain, mountain snow


Weather details for Wednesday, December 22, 2021

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – We have more rain coming on Wednesday after a short period of sunshine and dry conditions. This will move in in the morning which means you will need this rain jacket for the day.

Temperatures are going to be warmer on Wednesday, with highs projected into the mid 1940s. This means we have no concerns about low level winter conditions with this event. However, it should bring a lot of humidity for the mountains to stand out. Expect a southerly breeze of around 10-15 mph, which is also part of the warmer weather.

These morning showers will come from the northwest before filling the entire area as the humidity moves to the Cascades.

The rain will begin before sunrise on the Oregon coast and spread throughout the valley as the morning progresses. Road conditions are expected to be wet during the morning commute, so you may want to allow a bit more time Wednesday morning for your car trip.

Expect a wet evening ride for the entire west of the Cascades. Some of the moisture will reach the east side of the state, but it will take longer to get there. The passes will be snowy, with heavy snow from 4000 feet and above. This will make the trip more difficult for an early departure from the vacation.

Temperatures are already going to be hot by the time we start the morning hours. We won’t wake up with a chill there, but our morning temperature will be above average for the region. Still cold from Hood River to the east, with morning temperatures around freezing or a little above.

The Oregon coast will be stranded at around 50 degrees, cooling down later in the day. We might even have 50 lows near Pendleton this afternoon and tonight. Take all of this as there will be colder air pushing in our direction by the weekend.


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