Weather: Storm over Tasmania pushing cold and strong winds towards New Zealand


Stormy weather to hit parts of the country. Video / Weather Watch

New Zealand’s first winter outburst will be pushed by a storm that is expected to hit near Tasmania tonight.

By the end of the week, the storm is expected to break out near New Zealand and temperatures are expected to drop, especially in the South Island.

On Friday, WeatherWatch reported that Dunedin’s high is not expected to rise above 7C and around noon the city’s wind chill temperature will be 2C.

The cold weather will be the result of a large Antarctic south sitting over the country.

“We haven’t seen that so far this year,” said Phillip Duncan, WeatherWatch’s chief weather analyst.

Duncan said the weather event would not cause major problems, but there could be alpine issues on highways and up to a few hundred meters of snow in the South Island.

Strong winds are also expected to accompany cold temperatures Friday evening and Saturday morning, particularly around the Otago Peninsula which could experience gusts between 80 and 110 km / h.

On Saturday, the cold weather will continue higher up the North Island and there would also be more rain across the country.

“Southland, your drought issues are fading very quickly and we’re hoping Waikato will get 40-60mm (of rain) over the next two weeks, so that’s good news too,” Duncan said.

Later in the day, rain is expected to sweep near Mount Taranaki and Waikato, where farmers are bearing the brunt of the drought.

Tomorrow is expected to be windy over the South Island as the storm’s low pressure system moves towards New Zealand.

The south is followed by an anticyclonic system, which means that the country’s first winter cold snap will be brief and temperatures will warm up again at the end of the weekend.


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