Watch the Caps dogs and pandas at the National Zoo play in the snow


The Washington DC area was blanketed in several inches of snow Sunday and Monday as two storms converged off the east coast.

Not only was the snow beautiful to watch, but it was also fun to play.

Here are some of our favorite doggos and pandas playing in the snow.

Hall Wilson

Tom Wilson took his puppy Halle for a walk and they glided enthusiastically through ice and snow. Halle, full of extra snow energy, accidentally got too loud inside, later smashing furniture around the house like Karl Alzner’s dogs.

Captain Puppy Caps

The captain was filmed catching snowballs. Such a gracious boy.

National zoo pandas

The pandas at the National Zoo are programmed for colder weather. Discover their grace and power to glide while frolicking in the snow.

The Capitals loved it.

Readers’ pets

Peter wanted his timeline to be filled with happiness, so he requested photos of your pets on his personal Twitter.


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