Warming then winter storm then cold | News


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As we enter the last two weeks of February, we are not only tracking a warm up that will melt some snow…we are continuing to track a potential winter storm that will bring a mess of winter weather towards the middle of next week.

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and for 2022 it will be quiet. Not as cold as last year, which is the second coldest Valentine’s Day on record in the Madison area, with temperatures hovering in the low to mid-20s. here on Tuesday and we are warming up quickly.

Tuesday will be windy with highs in the low to mid 30s; some melting will occur as clouds increase.

From Wednesday to Friday, the region will be affected by our next winter storm. Temperatures will be warmest, in the 40s, early Wednesday with a rain/snow mix. As temperatures drop into the teens Wednesday night, the mix turns to snow.

On Thursday another low will pass giving our region the best chance of snowfall. With this depression fading early Friday morning. It’s too early to determine accumulations with confidence, but areas of southeastern Wisconsin have the best chance of having higher accumulations.

We are calming down as we head into the weekend.


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