Warming centers available following a major storm and power outage


BINGHAMTON (WBNG) — After a springtime snowstorm swept through the area on Monday evening, thousands of people in the southern section are still without power or heat.

As NYSEG crews work to restore power, some residents could take up to a few days to see power return to their homes, frustrating residents.

“They can’t charge their phones. People on respirators cannot plug them in. People need their electricity,” said Binghamton resident Johnnie Hardwick. “We called the accommodation, and the accommodation told us yesterday that it might take a few days. We are told now at 5 p.m. No one is sure.

With many counties facing multi-day outages, warming centers have been made available to help people warm up, charge their electronics and get access to food and water.

Broome County Public Library manager Josias Bartram said the library is still there to serve the community and will continue to do so during the widespread power outage.

“In this case, it was really clear. People need a place to warm up, they need water, they need a place to charge their phones and computers and just a place to hang out,” Bartram said.

Some local businesses even stepped in to help, opening their doors to those affected by the snowstorm. Be Unique Hair Boutique owner Nikki Stempel said the salon will be offering free hair washes to help people without hot water.

“Come in, recharge your devices, grab something hot to eat and drink,” Stempel said. “Relax, relax a bit. Anything we can do to help.

The Court Jester Athletic Club has also welcomed residents in need of a safe and warm space at its two locations.

“We appreciate and adore our community and wanted to thank you,” said Tori Schoonover, Director of Fitness. “Our door will be open to anyone in need until power is restored.”

A list of shelters, resources and warming stations can also be found here.


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