UK Forecasts: Freezing Hailstorm Expected to Hit Brits For HOURS as Violent Polar Blast Looms | Weather | New


Cold, breezes and scattered showers are expected to sweep across northern UK on Sunday 21 November, marking a return to regular winter temperatures after a relatively mild autumn. The Met Office is also forecasting heavy hail and winter showers on the higher hills to hamper the weekend in the north and then the east.

Sunday will see a maximum daytime temperature of 9 ° C with a low of 1 ° C to 2 ° C in cities and a freezing of -1 ° C in rural areas according to Rachel Ayers, senior meteorologist at the Met Office.

She told “There may be small hail mixed with rain in the downpours around the middle of next week.”

For the end of November, she said, “we could see spells of colder weather” although there is low confidence in the exact forecast so far into the future.

The BBC weather forecast confirms colder weather to come and warns of more wintery phenomena.

The broadcast agency’s weather department said towns like Bristol in southwest England could face hailstorms for a six-hour period at the end of the month.

They expect hailstorms to strike from 8 a.m. on Tuesday, November 30 and last until 2 p.m.

Accuweather senior meteorologist Bob Smerbeck has warned that snow could bring hail as early as Sunday evening to parts of the country.

He told “The risk of hail or sleet is rather low in the UK this weekend and early next week, although we expected snow showers on the Scotland until Sunday evening and maybe a snow shower as far south as Northumberland National Park.

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On average across the country, the Met Office predicted that the highest daytime temperature would reach 10 ° C and the lowest nighttime temperature would drop to 4 ° C.

Tuesday is expected to be dry for much of the UK.

The weather will be calm and mostly dry but cold through Wednesday, when clouds and rain move southeast into northern areas, according to the Met Office.

Cold with windy showers will follow in the north, with wintry conditions on the hills.


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