Tube slides allowed for five more years at Cairngorm Mountain

The temporary authorization expired this month for a tubular slide granted by Highland Council in 2019 and for two more slides in the same area agreed to last summer by the CNPA.

The green light has been given for temporary clearance for three tube slides and a zipline to continue for five years at Cairngorm Mountain.

But some members of the Cairngorms National Park Authority planning committee asked questions at their last planning meeting about whether the extension was too long.

Eleanor Mackintosh wondered how the five-year-old got into the discussion first.

She said: “It seems like a very long time. Five years plus a year they’ve already had is six years.

“I would have thought that three years would have been more than enough.

“Six years in a long time for (the site) not to be developed.”

NCPA chief planning officer Gavin Miles responded, “I actually think five years is reasonable given the context of things on the mountain and how their business has evolved.

“They were obviously disturbed several times and couldn’t use it properly and five years is reasonable.”

Committee member Willie Munro said at the meeting: “I feel a little uncomfortable with the idea of ​​continually extending temporary permissions until they become essentially permanent and if it could have been. assessed differently if it was a permanent request in the first place. “

Earlier, Mr Miles had told the commission that areas that had been disturbed for facilities were now starting to “green”.

He said there were no additional environmental issues as the developments were already in the existing disturbed grounds of the parking lot.

In recommending approval, Mr Miles said: “The application is for five years to allow Cairngorm Mountain to continue to operate them for a longer period.

“They obviously had an intermittent ability to get them to work, but they’ve had great success and this will allow them every now and then to see how they work under more normal circumstances.

“They match Cairngorm Mountain’s ambitions to develop the site into a year-round attraction and provide an alternative activity for people during the summer months, but they are not used during the winter.

“We think it’s a reasonable thing to do to give them an additional five-year consent that allows them to test this and we don’t consider there to be any significant issues with the app.”

Susan Smith, Acting Managing Director of Cairngorm Mountain (Scotland) Ltd, welcomed the approval of the request.

She said: “The slides have proven to be very popular with locals and visitors alike. We are way ahead of our budget projection, which is nice.

“We hope to make them work over the holiday season and maybe with some snow cover that will make them really exciting.”

Temporary approval was initially granted by Highland Council in June 2019 for the installation of a tube slide, zipline and playground for a temporary period until November 1 of this year.

The operation of the toboggan then had to cease and the structures removed.

In June last year, the Cairngorms National Park Authority granted a building permit for two more tube slides in the same area.

This was again a temporary consent with removal of the required equipment on the same date.

The planners had stated in their report that the principle of development was already established.

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