Tropical Storm Fiona Has Formed: Watch Then Head To Puerto Rico


Thursday, September 15, 2022

morning update

We are in the height of hurricane season and now have our 6th named storm of the season. Tropical Storm Fiona surpassed computer model guidance and developed rapidly yesterday. Tropical storm watches have been issued for the Leeward Islands of the Eastern Caribbean. The planned path continues through the US and British Virgin Islands and then through Puerto Rico.

Tropical Storm Fiona

Winds are 50 mph

Moving west at 13 mph

Tropical storm-force winds extend 140 miles from the center

From NOAA/National Hurricane Center


A tropical storm watch has been in effect for…

  • Saba and Saint-Eustache
  • Saint-Martin
  • Antigua, Barbuda, St. Kitts, Nevis, Montserrat and Anguilla

WEATHER WIDGET: Wind forecast

National Hurricane Center Update

Forecast Intensity

The majority of the models make it a tropical storm. However, some models show the intensity of the hurricane this weekend.

Tropical forecast track/cone

NOAA/National Hurricane Center

The tropical storm is expected to reach the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico this weekend.

RAIN : Fiona is expected to produce total precipitation accumulations 3 to 6 inches with higher isolated amounts in the north Leeward Islands, British and US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and eastern Hispaniola. These rains can produce flash and urban rains flooding, as well as isolated landslides in areas of higher ground.

Wide viewing angle

Although a lot can change in 5 days, it should curve north of Hispaniola and then become more interesting for the Bahamas and the eastern United States.


Atlantic Tropical History: 10-Day Home Region Maps

13_Tropical storm formation Sep11_20

NOAA study: Reduced air pollution INCREASE in tropical storms


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