Travel tips: 10 incredible places around the world to visit in November (PHOTOS)


1. Explore New Zealand

November is the perfect time to explore New Zealand, when the spring season brings warmer weather and blooming flowers. One place not to miss is Milford Sound (pictured here). Its landscape was shaped by glaciers during the Ice Age. The best way to visit is by boat, which allows visitors not only to take in views of the mountains and cliffs, but also to spot wildlife like dolphins and penguins. (Markus Kapferer/Getty Images)

Each passing month brings new reasons to travel. Here are 10 most visited destinations in November.

1. Explore New Zealand

With volcanic peaks, plunging valleys, golden beaches and stunning caves, New Zealand is a breathtaking destination and there’s no better time to visit this island than November, which falls in the middle of spring. for the southern hemisphere. Be sure to explore New Zealand’s many natural wonders, including Wai-o-Tapu and Milford Sound, with longer spring daylight hours and warmer weather. The season also means visitors can see daffodils and fruit trees in bloom and newborn lambs in the fields. In November, the tourist crowds usually haven’t arrived yetreports Active Adventures, which means it’s usually a fairly quiet month to visit.

2. Trek through Morocco

Head to Morocco in November, when the scorching desert heat subsides and the tourist hordes dwindle. It’s the perfect time for a desert camel trek, or ‘meharee’ through the Erg Chebbi desert, and you can admire the clear night sky as you camp. Visitors will also find the cities, including Marrakech, more affordable and quieter without the crowds. Be sure not to miss Morocco’s fortified Berber market town of Taroudant, an authentic town surrounded by red mud walls located just south of the snow-capped High Atlas Mountains; or the Draa Valley, also known as “date country”.

3. See Antarctica

From November, the the sea ice around Antarctica begins to break up, making it possible to visit the continent on expeditions. It’s one of the best places in the world to view wildlife, including several species of penguins, whales and seals, as well as view stunning ice, water and rock formations. Most travelers reach Antarctica by boat, which usually departs from Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego in Argentina, but there are also cruises departing from Port Stanley in the Falkland Islands, Punta Arenas in Chile and Buenos Aires in Argentina. It is also possible to fly to the mainland from Australia.

4. Discover Maui

In November 1805, the Lewis and Clark expedition reached the Pacific Ocean for the first time. So, in honor of the anniversary, head to the Pacific coast and enjoy the spectacular views over the water. Travelers can explore the Washington side of the Columbia River Estuary, where Lewis and Clark set up their “Station Camp,” or take a road trip along the Pacific Coast Highway.

5. Attend the Pushkar Camel Fair in India

In the Indian state of Rajasthan, a five-day camel fair is held in the Hindu pilgrimage town of Pushkar. It is one of the largest camel fairs in the world and is usually held in October or November. Hundreds of Rabadi shepherds Come to this annual fair to buy and sell livestock, including thousands of camels, usually adorned with colorful clothing and paper decorations. According to the official Pushkar Fair website, there are also an annual camel parade and beauty pageant (where the best decorated camel wins). Over the years, Pushkar camel fair has become a major tourist attraction.

6. See wildlife in South Luangwa National Park in Zambia

In November, go to South Luangwa National Park in Zambiaa die best wildlife destinations in africa. The park is home to 60 different species of animals, including elephants, lions, antelopes and leopards, as well as over 400 different species of birds. According to Lonely Planet, November marks the beginning of the “emerald season”, when heavy rain showers clear the dusty air, making it a great time to snap photos of the wildlife roaming through the lnational park ush greens. It is also the best time to see baby animals in the park.

7. Discover Vietnam

November, although at the beginning of winter, is very warm and sunny in Vietnam, making it the perfect time to visit. According to Condé Nast Traveler, Vietnam’s beaches are less crowded than in neighboring countries at this time of year. Of course, the famous Halong Bay is a must see, but make sure you don’t miss the Nha Trang resortfamous for its beautiful crescent beach, turquoise waters and hot springs or the province of Ha Giang in the northern part of the country, which Lonely Planet has dubbed the “last frontier in northern Vietnam.”

8. Go bird watching at Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge

Bird Lovers Should Visit Florida Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge this month of November, where a variety of wintering birds make a stopover at this time of year. Located near Cape Canaveral, this wildlife refuge is the perfect place to see bird species such as pink roseate spoonbills, as well as such migratory birds like blue jays, American robins and pine warblers.

9. See fall colors in Japan

November is the perfect time to see beautiful fall foliage in Japanwhen a a wave of reds, oranges and yellows moves forward Across the country. Some of the best places to see this spectacular color include Tokyo, Kyoto, Miyajima Island, and the Japanese Alps.

10. Participate in the USA’s Hometown Thanksgiving Celebration

Every year, the weekend before Thanksgiving, Plymouth is hosting their “America’s Hometown Thanksgiving Celebration”. The festival features pageants dressed as Pilgrims, Native Americans and Pioneers throughout the city, tours of the Mayflower II, concerts and a wide range of food. Visitors can also experience the “Plimoth Plantation”, a replica of the 17th century village it was the site of the first Thanksgiving.


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