Toy train at Japanese temple, places to visit in Darjeeling


The beauty and charm of the mountains increases even more during the rainy season. The Darjeeling hills can provide an unparalleled experience during the monsoon season. Whether with your partner, friends or family, Darjeeling has the beauty of captivating all age groups. So, before you pack your bags for Darjeeling, keep the following points in mind.

What can you do during the monsoon?

-The breathtaking journey of the little train can be enjoyed, which passes through many museums.

-Have breakfast at The Glenery and Keventr and experience the best bakeries and breakfasts in town. Try the sandwich and the red velvet cake.

-Don’t forget to experience the Darjeeling cable car. The short ride will give you an aerial view of the place.

-Be sure to visit Observatory Hill, next to Darjeeling. Enjoy the snowy mountains while eating your favorite snacks.

– Needless to say, the famous Darjeeling tea is a must.

– Along with this, visit places like Darjeeling Zoo, Japanese Temple and Peach Pagoda. Himachali animals can be spotted in the zoo which will make this trip even better. On a slow, lazy afternoon, take a stroll through Darjeeling Mall.

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