Tourism and seasons: which places to visit depending on the weather


The extension of the territory of Argentina allows the country to have a very wide tourist offer. From mountainous landscapes to arid climates, to jungles and swamps where humidity prevails, to massively crowded beaches and ski resorts that attract visitors from all over the world.

This heterogeneity of climates and views is an advantage for the country but also forces visitors to do research before choosing which destinations to visit, as each area can be better utilized in different times of the year.

As a watchword, there are those who recommend traveling in autumn and / or spring, mainly for two reasons. In the first place, there are usually fewer tourists, so you can save time in queues, traffic and find greater availability in the offer of accommodation and attractions. But it can also be cheaper, because it is part of what is called the “low season”, the demand is lower and therefore the prices tend to remain more accessible.

Another recommendation that combines with the choice of any destination is the use of Pre-trip. This program launched by the Ministry of Tourism and Sports of the Nation to promote the activity consists of the refund of 50% of tourist expenditure in credit to those who buy their holidays in advance.

By preloading the receipts for purchases of accommodation, transfers or tourist packages, you get a refund of 50% of the value invested. The money is credited to the BNA + virtual wallet or a pre-loaded card from the same entity can be received. In this way, the credit can be spent in tourist destinations in Argentina and in the whole tourist chain of the country.

With these noted tips, you can analyze where to travel based on the time of year.

Spring and summer

Of September to March, in Argentina the heat begins. The temperature rises with the onset of spring and ends in summer with a special warm climate to enjoy the beaches, mountains and rivers.

For those who love the sea, the ideal destination is the Atlantic coast and its dozens of towns and villages that border it: Mar del Plata, Villa Gesell, Pinamar, Cariló, some of the best known options and with the greatest offer accommodation. , gastronomy and nightlife. The Atlantic coast It also includes endless beaches with different characteristics, a large extension and sunsets over the sea. These include Necochea, Claromecó and Reta, Río Negro, Las Grutas, Playas Doradas or Chubut with its sandy and pebble beaches .

However, not everything is beach in summer, there are also those who like other landscapes like mountains and the river. This style proliferates in the center and south of the country, so if instead of the beach you prefer to spend summer afternoons on the river then the mandatory suggestion is Cordoba or San Luis with its attractive destinations: Villa Carlos Paz, Villa General Belgrano, Santa Rosa de Calamuchita, Merlo, Potrero de Funes and more. There, in addition to the rivers, you can do trekking and hikes with the family and enjoy the dams and their water activities. In the same vein, you can enjoy Entre Ríos, with its white sandy beaches and carnivals.

Still in mountain destinations, there are some classics in the south. Bariloche and Villa La Angostura are the symbols of this type of place. In the summer, these towns become recommendations to visit because the temperatures do not rise as much as in the center of the country, the vegetation thrives and the green landscape floods the experience. Both are a few kilometers away, only separated by the famous Lake Nahuel Huapi.

Within this group we can add the Los Alerces National Park, located in Esquel, Chubut, with its attractions such as Alerce Abuelo and Lake Futalaufquen; or the Lanín National Park including lakes, in which are the Paimun, Huechulafque, Epulafquen, Curruhue, are worth the detour.

Fall and winter

After the heat, the temperatures drop but that does not prevent you from continuing to enjoy an incredible vacation.

Some destinations repeat themselves, for example Bariloche and Villa La Angostura. This is due to the fact that during the winter season the whole city is under the snow, and the ski centers are filled with national and international tourists.

However, at this time, the most interesting destinations are even further south. Ushuaia They have their particular charm and tourists from all over the world go to see, for example, the Lighthouse at the end of the world.

Also between fall and spring, it is the ideal time to see whales in the region of Peninsula of Valdès, because they come together to have young and mate each May.

Finally, a few destinations to combine impressive landscapes and tasting of the best wines of the country. Who can be appreciated in Mendoza, San Juan and La Rioja, where in addition to excellent wines, you can find Argentina’s highest heights and fossil remains.

With this wide offer, Argentina constitutes one of the countries with the widest range of tourist options for national and global visitors. In addition, with advance booking and use of the Pre-trip program, it is possible to enjoy its landscapes, attractions and different climates economically throughout the year.

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