Top 5 magical places from where you can see the midnight sun


Nature has countless breathtaking phenomena. One of them is the Midnight Sun. Seeing this splendid sight, limited to the area around the earth’s poles, should definitely be on every travel enthusiast’s bucket list. The Midnight Sun refers to an event that after midnight can be seen during the summer months in the Arctic and Antarctic regions. The sun remains visible even when the clock strikes midnight. Here are five places where you can savor this spectacle.

The U.S. state of Alaska is undoubtedly famous for its wide open spaces, abundant outdoor experiences, Alaska Native culture, and glistening snow-capped mountains and glaciers. From late May to late July, and then during the biting winters, Barrow, an Alaskan town, enjoys 24/7 sunshine. The city shines with divine beauty during this time.

2. Norway
Norway is aptly called the land of the midnight sun. The people who reside there have encountered the ecstatic beauty of the midnight sun quite often. As the sun does not set here for nearly 76 days between May and July, anyone wishing to explore the Midnight Sun has quite a window to visit.

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3. Finland
Finland is an attractive tourist destination for the Northern Lights. Along with this, one is also likely to experience the midnight sun here. This is because the territories of Finland lie right next to the Arctic Circle.

4. Sweden
Here the sun sets at midnight and rises again early in the morning. Here, the sun never sets for almost four months. The experience of witnessing the midnight sun in Sweden is overwhelming and everyone should experience it once in their lifetime.

The Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut are often referred to collectively as the Land of the Midnight Sun in Canada. You are likely to experience very long days and scenic views here.

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