This is how the Skoda Superb sedan performed on mountain roads


When we think of mountain travel, SUVs or vehicles with high ground clearance are always at the top of the list. Sedans are much more comfortable for long drives, but they aren’t made to handle off-road or off-road sections. As in any other case, there are also exceptions in this case. There are people who love a challenge and take sedans on such trips. Here we have one such video, where a Skoda Superb owner took his sedan on a road trip through the mountains.

The video was uploaded by Driving in superb on their YouTube channel. In the description section of the video, the vlogger mentioned that the video was shot in June 2021 when the roads were not filled with snow and ice. In this particular video, the Skoda Superb is driven from Bara-lacha to Pang. The video shows how the roads were and how the Skoda Superb handled these roads.

When the video starts, the vlogger started his journey from Bara-lacha and the whole journey is captured by the camera that was mounted on the roof of the Skoda Superb. Reaching as far as Bara-lacha was difficult and things got worse after that. There were no proper roads and there was water on the roads. There were loose rocks on the trail. Vlogger is seen driving the car at a very slow speed on these roads as the chances of damaging the car were quite high. A Hyundai i20 is also seen ahead of the Superb and the sedan also struggles to cross the water-filled track.

After Killingsarai there was a nice stretch of road and it stays that way until Sarchu. From Sarchu to Pang there is about 80 km but to cover these 80 km the vlogger took almost 4-6 hours. There is no proper road and almost the entire stretch is dusty and in poor condition. Luckily, the vlogger managed to reach Pang in his Skoda Superb without any issues. Vlogger mentions it in his video, that it was only a small part of his road trip. He started the journey from Delhi and went as far as Leh and then came back to Delhi. There were three cars in the convoy from Manali to Jispa. From there, the Skoda Superb driver split up and drove alone to Leh. they regrouped in Leh and then returned to Delhi.

Driving a sedan on such rough mountain roads is a risk. There are so many things about the Skoda Superb that would have gone wrong on this trip. The DSG gearbox for example. If the transmission develops a problem in that part of the country, it can only mean the end of the trip. The reduced ground clearance means that the driver must be very careful, even on the smallest pothole. Skoda Superb is a long sedan and the chances of bottoming out or running aground are also high. Sedans like Skoda Superb are actually not designed for such terrain and we don’t recommend anyone to try such a thing.


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