Things go awry as her boyfriend surprises his girlfriend with a scenic vacation at a mountain lodge.


After booking a trip that required the Using an ‘ice axe’, leaving the couple trapped on New Zealand’s highest mountain, an Australian woman has banned her partner from making arrangements for their next vacation.

Keenan Kulisa-Tunhla and Evelyn Loh, two tourists, camped out on Aoraki/Mount Cook because their only paths back to Queenstown were blocked by -12C temperatures, torrential rain and snow.

The station he had planned for their stay halfway up is 1,500 meters higher than Mount Kosciuszko, and official guidance advises “mountaineering experience” to get there.

Mr. Kulisa-Tunhla did not check the weather before planning the excursion and he seemed unprepared for both the difficult task he had unwittingly entrusted to his girlfriend and the difficult weather.

The perilous, rocky, zigzagging and steep four-hour hike from the mountainous National Park to Mueller Hut is described on the official website.

The path requires a high level of mountaineering skill, including the use of an avalanche transceiver, probe and shovel while traveling over ice and snow with an ice ax and crampons .

According to, the vacation was planned to honor her graduation from the University of Melbourne’s biomedicine program.

The stunning resort that Mr Kulisa-Tunhla was aiming for is just a 30-minute drive from Mount Olliver, Sir Edmund Hillary’s first peak.

That was before Hillary became the first person to summit Everest, the tallest mountain in the world.

Because he “did not [the] research,” Ms Loh promised she would “absolutely not” allow her boyfriend to plan any other vacations for them.

The pair was strongly discouraged from making the climb, and he admitted to not checking the predictions.

Although they enjoyed the trip, they decided to take a safer route on the Hooker Valley Trail and spent the night in a cabin.

Mrs. Loh is reluctant to take a similar path.

As Ms Loh told, “It’s not my kind of thing.”

They returned to Mount Cook Village after descending the mountain, but are now stuck at the Aoraki Court Motel.

Although they tried to find a way out of the freezing zone via social media due to storms that included heavy rain and snow closing all roads out of the zone, Ms. Loh and Mr. Kulisa- Tunhla are still stuck there.

She complained, “Bad things keep happening.”

When the roads reopen, the couple hope to leave the national park and return to Queenstown in time for a low-altitude excursion in the breathtaking Milford Sound.

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