The Weather Service is monitoring a ‘potentially large storm system’ this week in Minnesota


The first days of March will come like a lamb, with warm temperatures in the 30s and only light snow from a string of mowers outside Canada, but the National Weather Service is watching for a “potentially significant” winter storm that could delivering all types of precipitation to Minnesota, Iowa and Wisconsin Friday through weekends.

“For next week, temperatures will continue to be mild with some chance of light snow associated with weak mower systems,” the National Weather Service in the Twin Cities said. “A winter mix is ​​possible next weekend.”

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The clipper systems appear to be having a low impact, but to show you what could happen, here’s a simulation of the NAM computer model, which shows three systems moving through central and northern Minnesota Monday morning, Tuesday morning, and then again Wednesday. .

“Potentially significant storm system Friday and Saturday”

The winter mix from Friday to Saturday is by far the most interesting system to pay attention to. Because there are 5-6 days left, nothing is certain, but models agree that a strong system will move through the region and produce an episode of rain, mixed precipitation and snow.

The type of precipitation that falls should be determined by the path of the storm.

“A potentially large storm system on Friday and Saturday could bring all types of winter precipitation. Depending on the track of the storm, a few thunderstorms are also possible,” the NWS Twin Cities forecast discussion reads.

In what the NWS says are “broader assumptions” at this point, the storm’s current track would produce an episode of snow Friday night before temperatures warm and precipitation turns to mixed or freezing rain. , then rain and possible thunderstorms somewhere in the area on Saturday. The best chance for snow accumulation will be on the northwest side of the precipitation.

It’s a long way, but here’s an example of what the models show from Friday night to Saturday.


“This system will be the main story all week,” the NWS said.

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