The real reason why Anthony Bourdain never visited these places


Guatemala is another Central American country that Bourdain hasn’t visited, but maybe that’s for good reason. Remember how he said earlier that if he didn’t go somewhere, it’s probably for security issues? The social landscape in Guatemala hasn’t been the safest in recent years, only recently escalating into a massive migration crisis due to the devastating effects of climate change (via BNC News).

Besides political and ecological unrest, violent crime is also a problem in Guatemala. Many migrants are at risk of being robbed or assaulted when traveling on the main routes (via International Crisis Group). Bourdain would usually shoot a TV show if he was in another country, and a whole film crew isn’t exactly a low-key way to get around, so a visit would have been potentially risky.

However, CNN released a short video in 2018 from Bourdain visiting the Little Guatemala area of ​​Los Angeles. “This is what I know of Guatemala: nothing,” he says frankly at the start. The episode mentions immigration and government corruption in the country, so exploring the culture through an LA neighborhood was probably an easier method at the time.


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