The Nature Boy crowns a 50-year career


WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair wrestled his final match at the age of 73, teaming up with his son-in-law Andrade El Idolo to defeat Jeff Jarrett and Jay Lethal in Nashville, Tennessee.

Several big-name wrestlers from the annals of WWE history made an appearance to see Flair’s grand final – including ex-champs Mick Foley AKA Mankind, Bret Hart and Mark Calaway himself – better known as by The Undertaker.

While Michelle McCool, Santino Marella, Al Snow, Jerry Lawler and Diamond Dallas Page were shown on FITE TVs broadcast live, several other legends were backstage for the event. According PWInsiderMichael Hayes, “The Hurricane” Shane Helms, Northeast Wrestling promoter Mike Lombardi, Mojo Rawley, Jimmy Valiant, Mickie James, Dennis Condrey, The Nasty Boys, Rikishi, Miro, CJ Perry (Lana), Magnum TA and Rey and Dominik Mysterio were all present.

Flair’s Last Stand

The match itself featured plenty of classic Ric Flair moments, ranging from low blows to plenty of spectacle, ending on a rather gruesome note as the veteran wrestler claimed victory with a bloodied face, after 26 minutes on the ring.

The match kicked off with Flair hitting Jarrett, before trading submissions with Lethal, who worked hard throughout July to prepare Flair for his final fight. The training has clearly paid off with Flair showing off a surprising arsenal of moves, ranging from chops to grapples, locks and even taking a suplex from Jay Lethal:

Although he aired his concerns about his health at promotional events, Flair expressed serious concerns about his well-being during the event, which some called “the most uncomfortable” wrestling match to watch.

Flair naturally left the athletic weight to his younger ringmates, but by the time he was “bleeding” he was weak enough to need help even putting on a pair of brass knuckles. Several fans noted that Flair seemed unresponsive and convulsed during this moment – though with the Nature Boy, it’s hard to tell if that was just for show or not.

In the end, with multiple kidney issues and four heart surgeries behind him, it’s a miracle Flair was even able to step into the ring for one last fight, as he won with a classic finisher – the number four leglock.

In the end, Flair was given the all-clear by the doctors and then joined the afterparty for the event:

Flair ended the evening by addressing his family, friends and fans with a heartfelt acceptance speech – capping a 50-year career that saw him become a sixteen-time world champion.

“Ric Flair did the unimaginable,” Jarrett told sportskeeda. Unthinkable and incredible performances again. A truly magical night for a Flair fan.

(Featured Image Credits: Jim Crockett Promotions)


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