The best places to toboggan in Rhode Island


Fully vaccinated: 812,808 (out of approximately 1.1 million inhabitants)

New cases: 5,373

Positive test rate: 18.1%

Currently hospitalized: 434

Total number of deaths: 3,112

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To leave

It is only January 7th and it has already been a long year.

With most schools closed (or virtual learning) due to the snow, you might want to take the day off today, try to forget about COVID-19, and get out for some good sledding action.

In December 2020, when Rhode Map was still just a baby, we asked readers for the best tobogganing sites in the state. We’ve even created a Google docs so you can include your favorite secret location. (You can add yours here.)

These are some of your favorite hills.


Before the Ministry of Labor and Training

Pro tip: it will be busy, but a decent hill for small children.

Eastern Providence

Gordon School

Pro tip: This hill was built for sledding.


Temple of Roger Williams Park in music

Pro tip: small children descend very quickly from several directions = slightly terrifying to observe adults.

South kingstown

Wakefield Elementary School

Pro tip: safe for all ages.


Wilcox Park

Pro tip: Some of the best (steeper) hills are blocked off, but it’s fine for younger kids.

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Be safe there. The snow should continue throughout the morning.

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