The best places to see snow this winter


Corin Forest Mountain Resort offers Canberrans plenty of family fun.

With the onset of winter, many Canberrans will be keen to head out to nearby snowfields to throw snowballs or go skiing.

However, what many don’t know is that the ACT sees good snowfall in our own backyard due to our cold temperatures and high elevations.

We’ve compiled a list of places for your next snowy weekend adventure – you don’t even have to travel far from home.

For example, just 45 minutes from the city center is Corin Forest Mountain Resort, where you can go sledding, snowball fights, build snowmen or try skiing or snowboarding for the first time.

Corin Forest Marketing Director Ashleigh Harrow says she is looking forward to launching her winter operations this weekend with ideal conditions for the start of winter.

“The first snowfall was incredibly exciting, it’s not often we see the resort covered in snow on the first day of winter,” Ashleigh said.

“Our snowmaking team fired up the snow cannons to produce snow at every opportunity to create a special experience for our customers this year.

“Snow play is a favorite for anyone looking for that first snow experience. Visitors can sled, build snowmen, snowball fights and have fun in the snow.

“For those looking to learn a new skill, we offer ski and snowboard lessons for anyone over the age of four on our gentle, beginner-friendly ski slope.”

If a walk through snow-covered trees is more your pace, ACT Parks hiking trails are open throughout the winter months to be enjoyed.

Please note: Inclement weather and snowfall may affect road conditions, please drive carefully and observe all road closures.

You can keep up to date with the latest road closures with the Municipal services website.

Please use extra caution when visiting ACT parks and reserves.

Closures of some of our parks and reserves, including Namadgi National Park and campgrounds, may occur at short notice. Before you travel, visit the Parks Act website.

Here are our picks for places to see snow this winter in the ACT:

Corin Forest Mountain Resort
Location: 1268 Corin Road, Paddys River.
Accessibility: Drive.

Square Rock, Namadgi National Park

Location: 1268 Corin Road, Paddys River.
Accessibility: Road then 9.4 km hike.

Mount Tennant, Namadgi National Park

Location: Namadgi Visitor Center, Naas Road, Paddys River.
Accessibility: Road then 14.4 km hike.

Camel hump, Tidbinbilla nature reserve

Location: Mountain Creek Parking Lot, Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve.
Accessibility: Road then 12.6 km hike. (Unpaved road)


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