The Best Dumplings in NYC: Places to Go in Chinatown and Beyond


The Lunar New Year is usually a busy time for New York’s many enclaves of Chinese communities. From Chinatown in downtown Manhattan to Sunset Park in Brooklyn or Flushing in Queens, especially before COVID-19, their streets traditionally burst with lion dancers and revelers ushering in a new start to the holidays.

However, since the pandemic, many Chinese restaurants across the city continue to struggle with COVID-19 and lingering anti-Asian sentiments. So, with the Year of the Tiger fast approaching, now is the perfect time to support culinary institutions in Chinatown and beyond to purchase one of the most festive foods of the holiday: dumplings.

“Dumplings mean good fortune and wealth in the New Year because they are shaped like little purses,” says the chef Anita Lo, the cookbook author and award-winning force behind the now closed Annisa. “We could all use a little luck this Lunar New Year, so why not eat a plate?” For home cooks looking for advice from Lo, tickets to his step-by-step virtual demonstration of his pork, shrimp and chive meatballs at 100 tricks January 27 are still available.

But for New Yorkers hungry for professional skills, consider a trip to these 13 establishments in Chinatown instead, or one of its counterparts in Brooklyn, Manhattan and Queens. “Businesses in Chinatown have been particularly hard hit by the pandemic,” Lo says, “so go see the experts if you’re not going to start your own.”

The information listed here may be subject to change based on the evolving situation with the Omicron variant of COVID-19. Please check for the latest available updates or contact each property directly for more information.


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