The Banff Mountain Festival Radical Reels Tour has arrived



October 10, 2022

They’re short, punchy and sure to shock: ten of the most extreme and adrenaline-pumping movies from the last Banff Mountain Festival.

Touring Australia in October and November, Radical Reels are the furious, fast-paced younger brother of the Banff Mountain Festival – a film tour featuring incredible adventure footage from around the world.

Prepare for captivating cinematography and jaw-dropping action on this year’s tour, featuring bold footage from some of the most accomplished climbers, slackliners, jumpers, skiers and snowboarders. From the powdery slopes of Switzerland to the treacherous peaks of Pakistan, these dynamic clips are sure to spark maximum excitement.

Courtesy of Radical Reels, 2022

The Radical Reels tour will keep you on the edge of your seat as you watch 10 of the most exciting and high-energy films from the latest Banff Mountain Festival. Cinemas on tour across the country in October and November.

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