The 9 Most Underrated Places in New York State


When you think of New York State, you probably imagine New York City. At least that’s what people who don’t live here imagine. When it’s not New York, it’s usually something to do with snow and cold.

New York State is not just urban, grey, cold and hostile skylines. Every state has these things, but too much of New York goes unnoticed and doesn’t get the recognition it deserves.

Spring, summer and fall are beautiful in New York. From western New York to the Hudson Valley and up to the northern region of the country, this state has a lot to offer.

Scattered around are some truly hidden gems that you should visit. Some of these places are famous but for some reason have gotten a bad reputation over the years.

Access to water, friendly people, more to do than you think, sights and food are all reasons these places are great. Sure, they’re not as big as New York and don’t have the number of attractions that big cities have, but they’re worth a visit in the not-too-distant future.

Here are some absolutely gorgeous places in New York State that are underrated.

9 Most Underrated Places in New York State

The most underrated places in New York State.

New York State’s Most Overrated Places

New York State’s Most Overrated Cities.

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