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Who doesn’t love stickers? Especially ski stickers. Often you can get them for free, which makes them even better. I mean, they should be free since you’re going to be advertising who or whatever the sticker represents at no cost.

Exchanges, shops, and resorts are the best places to get them. It’s always a good idea to get a sticker of all the resorts you visit as a souvenir of your magical ski trip.

But where to put these stickers?

The possibilities are endless, but here are our top picks for where to place these stick-on decals.

#9 Laptop

Of course, you’d rather shred, but eventually you’ll have to work or study. Adding some of these stamps will ensure you do it in style and show off your uniqueness.

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Chiller #8

How do you make a cooler even cooler? Add stickers. Plus, when you have a cold drink in the heat of summer, you can remind yourself that winter will return.


#7 Car

The car you drive says a lot about you. The stickers say even more. Show it off with pride wherever you go.

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#6 Travel Case

If you have a hard travel case for your gear, that’s a no-brainer. Decorate it with stickers and it will stand out in the airport. This will put the other suitcases in the oversized baggage drop to shame.

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#5 Skis/Snowboards

Decorating your skis or snowboard with stickers makes them unique. Not only does it look cool, but if you own a popular model, it could save someone else from inadvertently wandering off with them.

snowboard sticker

#4 Water bottle

Staying hydrated is essential in snow sports. This is a popular place for your stickers and a good way to identify your bottle. Plus, it makes drinking water more fun. After a long day, make sure your container’s sticker credibility keeps up with everyone else’s.


#3 Cargo Box Top

If you have a box top, that already indicates how adventurous you are. Show it off even more with stickers. It’s a great alternative if you don’t want to put the stickers on your car.


#2 Helmet

87% of everyone in the mountains wears a helmetso if you want to stand out, then decorating is the way to do it. This is your chance to show off the decals while you shred. It can also be a great conversation starter on the elevator.

helmet sticker

Beer Fridge #1

Usually these beverage coolers are located in the garage or basement, so you can give them all the character you want. Your guests will appreciate it and we swear it makes drinks taste better.

beer fridge

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