Take a chill pill! Renew your soul in these places


There is no better way to rejuvenate the soul than to escape city life and encounter the wonders of nature. cities are great, but spending a few moments in the middle of nature and walking the trails will allow our soul to reboot. In the race of life, we are often busy with everything around us. it is therefore important to breathe some relaxing air to boost our energy by soaking up the beauty of our surroundings.

With a living culture, different tradition, geographically diverse in topography and terrain with high mountains, hills, rivers, sea beaches, hill station and even sand desert; India is home to alluring landscapes. A country where there is surprise in all the other stages. For those who wish to escape the monotonous life and live in comfort;

Here is a list of places in India that will relax the mind and renew your soul:

  1. South Goa
  2. Munnar
  3. North Sikkim
  4. Alleppey
  5. Mussoorie
  6. Dharamshala
  7. Dzukou Valley
  8. flower valley
  9. Andaman Island

South Goa

Goa is located on the west coast of India. It is a popular party destination where the main tourist attraction is the nightlife and the beaches. South Goa has a peaceful environment. One can often spend the evening sitting by the beach and watching the sunset light up the place with an orange hue. A walk by the beach can soothe your feelings when the sea water touches your feet and the cold breeze touches your face.


Located in God’s own country, Munnar is stunningly beautiful with creatively designed tea plantation gardens. The city is fascinating to the eyes and there is plenty to explore. It is one of the magical places on earth. With captivating hills, lush plantings, flora and fauna, it’s a perfect place to unwind and reboot.

North Sikkim

One of the districts of Sikkim, North Sikkim is a magical hill station. It is a beautiful tourist attraction. The main tourists are Yungthang, Lachen, Lachung, Gurudongmar Lake among others. The pristine view of the magnificent snow-capped mountain peaks, marvelous waterfalls, vivid landscape and long orchard have a captivating effect on visitors.


Alleppey is located in the state of Kerala in southern India. It interconnects the backwater network of the canal. It’s heaven on earth. Also dubbed the “Venice of the East” by many travelers, this remote state is simply one of the most beautiful places that captures your heart. The calm houseboat ride will surely eliminate worries.


It is a perfect getaway spot with a gushing waterfall, a picturesque mountain and a beautiful city. The place not only offers the scenic beauty but also the peaceful environment to rejuvenate the heart. It is the best place to visit that offers both enjoyable sightseeing, adventure and thrill. Mussoorie also has a variety of flora and fauna.

Dzukou Valley

This beautiful place is only a few kilometers from the capital Kohima. Here, you’ll fall in love with the gorgeous flowers, bubbling streams, and picturesque vistas. The northeastern Indian state of Nagaland and Manipur are separated by the Dzukou Valley. The natural setting, seasonal flowers, flora and animals of this valley are well known. The valley is definitely a sight to behold as it is perched high above the sky.

Valley of Flowers, Uttarakhand

The Valley of Flowers is located in the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand, about 300 kilometers north of Rishikesh (and close to Badrinath). The Valley of Flowers, with its wild wildflowers surrounded by white peaks, is a World Heritage Site. It is a wonderful setting to relax while enjoying the many streams, waterfalls and paddocks of the Himalayas.

Andaman Island


Andaman is a place where true beauty truly fascinates. Apart from having absolutely stunning beaches, it is also home to India’s magnificent biodiversity. It is a treasure trove of exciting activities as well as a place where one can admire the breathtaking beauty of nature and find serenity. Sightseeing in the Andaman Islands is made so intriguing and enjoyable with the stunning wildlife sanctuaries and national parks, spectacular beaches, museums, pristine jungles and mangrove forests.


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