Summer storm hits Lake Nellie


A storm that moved swiftly through Lake Nellie and Iroquois Falls last night (Sunday) damaged and uprooted many trees…and cost a lakeside homeowner an outbuilding.

A neighbor of this property – Colin Kennedy – says the storm didn’t look as furious as it did when it hit around 8.30am.

He says he escaped relatively unscathed from the rain, hail the size of nickels and wind. He, his partner, their pets, chickens, buildings and cars were unharmed. But two trees fell, tearing off part of the vegetable garden.

“Last winter was pretty hard on some of the jack pines on the front lawn,” he observes, “and I was more worried about them falling than those two healthy birches in the back yard, and they fell.”

Two birch trees on the property of Colin Kennedy and Dylan McGinn in Nellie Lake fell during the storm, damaging the vegetable garden. (Photo by Dylan McGinn)

“You could tell there was definitely a good storm as I pulled off Lake Nellie Road this morning on my way to work. There were many branches and tree parts everywhere.

Electricity was also cut for a few hours.

Wind damage, primarily to trees, was also reported at Iroquois Falls and on Oil Tank Rd.

Hail on the ground following the storm. (Photo submitted by Jill Towsley)


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