Stunning places to visit in Khajjiar for a rejuvenating trip


Dubbed the mini-Switzerland of India, Khajjiar is an unspoiled and serene hill station nestled in the heart of Himachal Pradesh. Perched in the Chamba district, this beautiful place consists of a massive expanse of lush green pastures, vast deodar forest and the lovely snow-capped landscapes of Kailash that make it a paradise for all nature and nature lovers. peace. From calm and unruffled environment to adventurous aerial thrills, Khajjiar will stun you with its beautiful escape. Here is a list of 4 places you must add to your itinerary when traveling to Khajjiar.

Khajiar Lake

Surrounded by plush deodar trees, located at a height of 1920 meters and green meadows all around, Khajjiar Lake is the best place to rejuvenate your mind, body and soul amidst nature. Paragliding, zorbing and horse riding are the main activities that can be explored at this place. The beautiful views of Mount Kailash can also be observed from here.

Khaji Nag Temple

Built in the 12th century, Khajji Nag Temple is dedicated to Naga (Lord of Serpents). The positive spiritual air that you will find in this place is bliss for your soul. You can pray and meditate at this place for an exceptional experience. This religious place is attractively beautiful, reflecting the structural design of the Hindu-Mughal communities and the intricate designs carved into the wood. The deities of Lord Shiva and Goddess Hidimba are found inside the temple with the depiction of images of Pandavas defeating the Kauravas in the Mahabharat.

Kalatop Wildlife Reserve

Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary is enriched with natural splendours and is a perfect place for those who love the combination of wildlife and nature. The wide range of exotic flora and fauna of Himachal can be seen here. Leopard, bear, langur, jackal and a plethora of birds including black-headed jay, blackbird and Eurasian jay can be seen at this sanctuary. Wide streams, lush grounds and beautiful scenery will amaze you. You can also opt for paragliding to satisfy your adrenaline rush.

Kalatop Wildlife Reserve


The place has a beautiful backdrop surrounded by a stunning waterfall and lush greenery that will add to its sophistication. It is a scenic place where you can experience the splendor of five combinations of waterways and that is how it got its name. Trekking can also be done from Kalatop to Panchpula to enjoy the adventure.

Plan a trip to this beautiful place and visit the aforementioned places for the best experience.

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