Stormy weekend awaits as rain, wind and heavy mountain snow hit the northwest.


There is a lot to say this weekend! Stormy conditions will replace the forecast, with rain, wind and heavy snow in the mountains. In addition, there is a slight risk of coastal thunderstorms and possibly freezing rain as well.

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Our great meteorologist travels to the region on Saturday and goes out in the afternoon, but conditions will remain unstable until Sunday. The coast can see some thunderstorms breaking out. Stay tuned!

With a powerful system like this, a “Winter Storm Warning” is in effect for the mountains. We expect up to three feet of snow in some areas. Sometimes traveling with the pass will be extremely difficult. Gusting winds will cause blowing snow which will reduce visibility.

Here’s a look at how Saturday is shaping up as the storm pours rain across the area:

Snow levels fluctuate between 3,000 ‘and 3,500’ before dropping to 1,000 ‘on Sunday. Again, be careful when traveling through the mountains.

Now to the winds! Most of western Western Australia, from the coast to the Cascades foothills, is subject to a wind alert. The coast, islands and the Northern Strait will experience the strongest gusts of up to 60 mph under a “strong wind warning”. The rest of the area is subject to a “wind advisory” for gusts of up to 50 mph at times. These winds can cause tree branches to fall with power outages in some areas. Make sure to secure your outdoor vacation decorations with these trash cans.

And because so much rain will fall, some rivers in the area could experience minor flooding. We monitor the Skokomish River in County Mason and the Newaukum River in County Lewis. Both rivers are subject to “flood monitoring” until Saturday evening.

We will start the week with scattered showers from time to time. As we move into the middle of the week the snow levels start to drop again to almost 400ft, so we can see a few snowflakes mixing with the higher elevations in the lowlands. Nighttime temperatures will be cooler than average (37), dropping to near zero and only warming to near 40 by the end of the day. So the falling snow will not stay while we are warming up. In addition, the showers will decrease, leaving us with drier conditions.

Have a good week-end! ~ Erin Mayovsky, forecaster of FOX 13


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