Storm Tracker Forecast – Unusually active mid-Spring weather continues… Upcoming Changes | Provide


Our unusually active mid-spring weather continues in Northern California with mountain and valley snow showers and thunderstorms. An air storm will keep our weather unsettled for now, with rapid changes ahead. A trough of low pressure settled over our region as expected early in the week, keeping our region active with rain, snow and isolated thunderstorms. More showers will occur this evening through tomorrow morning, and again tomorrow afternoon, but no one will have rain or snow all day. A hard freeze warning is also in effect for Trinity County Tuesday morning, with lows in the low to mid-20s possible. Bring your pets and plants indoors and cover any plants that you cannot move in order to protect them.

A small ridge of high pressure will bring more warmth and calmer weather on Wednesday, but it will remain well below average, and it won’t last long. Another trough of low pressure will bring more clouds, stronger breezes and a chance of light showers Thursday and Friday. Little additional rain or snow is expected. A stronger ridge will attempt to build over the west coast from Friday through early next week. A rapid warming of our weather will begin Friday and is expected to last through Monday. Another Pacific storm will attempt to weaken this ridge on Sunday and Monday, but our highs will remain well above average, and highs in the valley will likely drop from the 60s on Tuesday to the 80s and below the 90s over the weekend. next end and next monday.


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