Storm Tracker Forecast – Gradual Cooling Trend Now, Bigger Change Coming Later | Forecast


If we can’t get the rain and snow we need in Northern California, at least we enjoyed some nice early spring weather on Wednesday. We will remain much warmer than average for now, with a storm approaching the coast. Luckily we weren’t as hot as yesterday for the season, but the highs were still 15-20 degrees warmer than average for most areas. This night will be mostly clear and relatively mild with lows ranging from the 30s in the mountains to the 50s in the valley and foothills. Thursday will be mostly sunny with a few more clouds late in the day and highs similar to Wednesday. Daytime highs will range from the upper 60s and 70s in the mountains and foothills to the lower and mid 80s in the valley.

Friday will also be a fairly calm and beautiful day, so if you have any outdoor plans, this is a good time for them. Saturday’s weather will also be calm and warm, but it will be cooler than Friday with a lot more clouds moving through our skies. A Pacific storm will move towards the west coast this weekend, and this will be the source of the clouds. Unfortunately, most of this storm will miss our region to the south, but there will be a chance of light rain from late Sunday to early Tuesday, most of which will fall on Monday. The storm will quickly leave our area next Tuesday and Wednesday, and the highs will rise again. Valley lows will range from the upper 40s to mid 50s, while valley highs will cool from the 80s this week to the 60s and 70s.


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