Storm to unleash heavy snowfall and severe weather across western United States


The latest weather conditions showed that a storm would affect parts of the western United States, bringing heavy snowfall and extreme weather conditions.

The storm should be felt this weekend or next weekend.

The weather forecast advised residents to monitor the development of the storm by keeping up to date with weather reports.

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A storm would mark the first week of November. Halloween would have a cold rain that could disrupt the November festivities.

According to the latest forecast, AccuWeather reported that the storm will cause extreme weather conditions, especially in the plains and the Mississippi Valley.

Based on AccuWeather’s weather forecast for the weekend, parts of Chicago, New York and Atlanta would experience abnormal heat.

Houston could also expect rain showers, while snow could also emerge in Denver and Boise.

The report says that starting Thursday evening, severe thunderstorms could trigger hail, flash flooding, isolated tornadoes and damaging winds.

Areas affected are Dodge City, Amarillo and Lubbock.

From Friday afternoon to the same night, severe thunderstorms could also emerge in Oklahoma City, Dallas, Abilene and Austin.

Affected residents should watch for intense downpours, isolated tornadoes, hail and damaging wind gusts of up to 55-65 mph.

Severe conditions on the same day could also be felt in southwestern Missouri, Arkansas and northwestern Louisiana.

Affected areas should expect severe thunderstorms that could trigger heavy rains.

Meanwhile, the report added that a powerful storm on Saturday could arrive bringing rain showers and gusty thunderstorms.

The AccuWeather report indicates that the following areas could affect Omaha, Kansas City, Chicago, Springfield, Memphis and Baton Rouge.

Hurricane Lisa

Meanwhile, the latest NOAA NWS National key advisory on November 2, 2022 reported that Hurricane Lisa could lead to a life-threatening power surge affecting areas of Belize City.

In previous reports, the National Hurricane Center monitored brewing systems in the Caribbean and north of Puerto Rico.

Affected areas, particularly parts of Belize, southeastern Mexico and northern Guatemala, should expect localized flash flooding.

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Meanwhile, the advisory noted that tropical storm conditions could also emerge tonight on the east coast of Guatemala’s Yucatan Peninsula.

The report added that a tropical warning was also present in the region.

Weather preparations

As the storm began raging parts of the western United States from late this week or this weekend, the weather advisory noted that it could bring heavy downpours and a risk of sudden flooding.

It is important to be safe and prepared for the massive impact of the storm.

  • Stay up to date with your local weather news on the storm. This would help you prepare and track the progress of the storm on how it affects your home.
  • If you are near areas prone to flash flooding or flooding, it is best to watch for rising sea water in rivers.
  • Avoid traveling to areas affected by the storm as this could lead to reduced visibility, minor flooding and downed trees.
  • Always fully charge your gadgets if power lines are disconnected or affected.

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