Storm Team Winter Outlook Recap: A 50/50 Split



As we head into mid-spring, is it time to look back and see how Storm Team’s winter outlook has fared?

The outlook for winter 2021-22 called for near to slightly above normal snowfall and above normal temperatures.

Obviously, we just missed the target on the snowfall. While the cues we used, such as back-to-back La Ninas (cooler than normal equatorial Pacific waters) and wet Octobers pointed to at least near-normal snowfall, Mother Nature had other plans for downtown New York.

Syracuse will end the winter with just 76 inches of snow, just over 50 inches below normal. It was the first time since snowfall was measured at the airport that Syracuse had less than 90 inches of snow in three consecutive winters.

While Syracuse lacked snow, parts of upstate New York were quite snowy. Buffalo was near normal for the winter and actually hit 96 inches. Binghamton was only 4 inches under par. Just across the border, Toronto experienced its 8th snowiest winter.

Winter temperatures behaved more in line with forecasts.

Although we had quite cold weather in January (our temperatures were the coldest for a winter month since February 2015), a warm February and a very warm December (+7.4°F) more than compensated for this freezing winter environment. The three-month average from December to February was +1.4F.


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