Storm dumps snow on Wrightwood, making it a dangerous drive into the mountains – NBC Los Angeles


This latest storm hit the local mountains of Southern California with heavy snowfall, making it a dangerous road for anyone hoping to have fun in the snow.

As drivers head for higher elevations, the roads are icy in many places and CHP’s best advice is to slow down.

For those who don’t have four-wheel drive, be prepared for the pain of putting on snow chains.

It’s even more difficult when you drive from Los Angeles, hoping to take the family to ski Mountain High.

You can learn from the experience of a Westlake Village resident: check the size of your snow chains.

Leo Swartzburg’s dad did his best to put on chains, but they had a big problem: The chains they have are for an old car and they thought they would fit his new one.

“It’s the same car I had before, so I thought about the same tires but apparently not the same – slightly set back,” said Rick Swartzburg.

This is just one of the many obstacles drivers can face if they travel to the mountains to play in the snow after a storm has loomed over the area since Wednesday. This latest storm dumps a lot of fresh powder into the mountainous region, particularly at Wrightwood.

The Slack family got away with no problem with their four-by-four, 24-hour snowplows that keep many roads open.

“They’re really good with the main road here, they plow it,” Tom Slack said.

CalTrans officials say most of the heavy snowfall fell in the areas between Wrightwood and Running Springs.

CalTrans is warning drivers to be extra careful as the New Years weekend approaches.

“Basically the Lake Arrowhead and Running Springs area, there was a lot of wet snow so a lot of trees are loaded. We had a lot of trees fallen last night and a lot of power lines also fell. “said Eric Dionne of CalTrans. .

So be prepared for heavy traffic and potentially very slow driving.

Caltrans officials also say if you’re heading for the mountains make sure you bring extra blankets and water, just in case you get stranded.

Take it from the Swartzburg family: check these snow chains before you leave home to make sure they fit, or your trip to the snow could be short.

“I really want to make sure you know what you’re doing before you take that ride here,” said Rick Swartzburg.


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