Stocks at regional blood centers plummet after snowstorm

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JOPLIN, Mo. — The Community Blood Center of the Ozarks (CBCO) is looking for donors to help fill blood reserve levels.

During last week’s winter storm, the CBCO says it lost more than 500 donations due to the closure of donor centers.

CBCO provides blood products to 44 health facilities in the region, and the loss of donations has made it difficult to meet health care needs.

“Although we suffered significant losses last week, our blood supply levels were sufficient to meet the demand from local hospitals,” said CBCO media relations representative Chris Pilgrim. “Events like last week’s storm help illustrate the importance of having these reserves on hand. Without them, last week would have been a very different story in terms of blood availability. We are calling on eligible blood donors to donate this week at a Blood Drive or CBCO Donor Center to help us replenish these supplies to acceptable levels.

As hospitals in the region continue to use blood, the CBCO says they need about 200 donations a day to meet local needs.

“Blood drinking doesn’t stop when major weather events like this happen,” Pilgrim said. “It still takes about 200 donations every day to meet local needs. If you are eligible, consider donating this week. There are dozens of life-saving opportunities all over the Ozarks.

Successful donors will receive a long-sleeved, quarter-zip CBCO sweater as a thank you, while supplies last.

Find a blood drive near you and make an appointment to donate, click here.


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