Still very hot on Tuesday; weekend snowfall looms: Storm Center PM Update – Monday, February 28


Last week’s rapid snowmelt is occurring across KELOLAND, with extremely warm temperatures and abundant sunshine. We are unlikely to set any records, but temperatures today are more than 20 degrees above normal for the last day of February.

2 p.m.

Tonight we’ll be partly to mostly cloudy as the cloud cover moves in from the northwest, but we don’t expect any of those clouds – with the exception of Sisseton and the northeast corner of South Dakota, where a sliver of freezing rain and snowfall will be possible, which will impact travelers to North Dakota. Tonight’s lows will be between the East River mid 20s to the West River low 30s.

Tomorrow we start March with another exceptionally hot day. Most of KELOLAND, including Sioux Falls, will be in the 60s. The exception will be northeastern South Dakota, which will be affected by cooler air from the north. The Aberdeen High will still be around 40 degrees, with a northwesterly breeze keeping southern and western KELOLAND in the 60s.

Wednesday will be cooler, thanks to more clouds and a northerly or northeasterly breeze bringing cooler air. Sioux Falls and southern KELOLAND will still be in the 50s, while Aberdeen and northeastern South Dakota will only be around 30 with a chance of light snow showers.

This band of flurries accompanied by cooler air will pass through Sioux Falls and southern KELOLAND on Thursday morning. All amounts will be very light, perhaps a few tenths of an inch. Afternoon highs will only be in the upper 20s in the north through the mid 30s in Sioux Falls and the SE – with 40s in western South Dakota.

With a storm system developing in our southwest, Friday will be cloudy. Temperatures will be between 30 and 40 degrees, the coolest in the north. But we’re going to watch the storm system develop in the southwestern United States, because it’s coming through here. We expect snowfall to begin Friday evening and overnight, spreading SW to NE across KELOLAND by Saturday morning.

Saturday looks like widespread snowfall across KELOLAND. Due to the orientation of this system, coming from a low pressure system to our south, this storm on Friday evening and Saturday has the potential to give us several inches of snowfall, as well as somewhat gusty winds. This system seems to be the first sign of a change in our climate regime.

Temperatures will also be colder this weekend, in the upper 20s to mid-30s with snow on Saturday, but colder on Sunday and Monday, with highs only in the 20s. Even the temperatures we forecast will have to may be adjusted based on the possibility of heavier snowfall.

After that, be prepared for a prolonged cold spell. Indications are that we will be well below normal for temperatures until mid-March!


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