St. Louis residents busy clearing snow after winter storm


ST. LOUIS — From the airport runway to the neighborhood driveway, St. Louis struggled to ride out the second wave of the winter storm that brought six inches or more of snow to much of the region.

It was a slow process.

With the soft crunch of tires in the snow in front of all the closed stores on Olive near I-270, it seemed almost peaceful early Thursday afternoon — but looks were deceiving.

“I thought it would be kind of a short episode. It feels like the North Pole here,” Ellen Alton of Olivette said as a brigade of diggers and snowblowers worked the driveways in her neighborhood.

People noted that they hadn’t seen as many snowplows as usual, but they understood. Everyone was struggling to keep up or catch up.

A father-son snow removal team had 20 homes lined up over the next two days. They were only number 4 by mid-afternoon.

Tyler McLaughlin was shoveling his driveway at Creve Coeur for the fourth time since Wednesday evening on his way to work in the meat section of the Dierberg market.

“It’s powder. So it’s really light and not too hard, until you get to the street where it’s all melted, and it’s almost rock,” he said. “It’s a lot of fun. Great training.

He hoped he wouldn’t end up skating. This was happening almost everywhere with drivers digging in just enough to get back on the road realizing they might have to give it another day.


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