Southgate crowns birthday with four-point night to dominate Bruins


After Bruins forward Salvatore Collora opened the scoring with his second of the season just two minutes into the first, Steele’s third came on a sighting shot from the left spot in traffic to make one hockey game 1-1.

Just three minutes later, Southgate then forced their way into the area after a Stars penalty, to feed Doell into the right corner, who then found Bell on a bang-bang play in front to make it 2 -1 Battlefords.

Bell’s second of the night then extended the Stars lead to 3-1 before the first intermission, on a quick puck move setup again, this time by Gibbs to Southgate and then Bell right of the net.

As the goaltender sprawled into the crease, Bell danced around him, moving the puck under the goal line and then forward to drive it home on the quick loop chance.

In the second period, Allan’s fourth came after a hard shot on the net from Kesslering on the power play, to drive the puck home just outside the crease and make it a 4-1 game.

After a second Bruins goal, this time from forward Logan Zeigler converted on a laser pass from Kohner to reduce the home side’s deficit to 4-2, the Stars again fired back on a rocket shot from the point by Gibbs, once again fixed by Southgate.

In the third, the Bruins pushed early with a Cody Davis goal just 47 seconds into the frame, though it wouldn’t be enough. 10 from Doelle of the year made it 6-3, and after another by the persistently late Bruins from Jagjeevan Phangura, Ewart capped the scoring on the night in the empty net to seal the contest at 7-4 stars.

With the win, the North Stars extend their league-best record to 16-0-1-1, and now sit eight points clear of second-place Flin Flon, with 34 points on the year.

The Stars will be back Saturday night in Weyburn against a Red Wings team fresh from a 5-4 win over Humboldt. Saturday’s game will be available at 1050 CJNB with the Ultra Print pre-game show at 6:30 p.m. and the puck drop will follow at 7 p.m.

Scoring Summary

First period:

1:59 EST Salvatore Collora (2) ASST: Evan Forrest (5), Logan Walker (2) 1-0 Bruins

12:31 DEF Wilson Steele (3) ASS: Holden Doell (16) Draw 1-1

15:06 DEFEAT Kian Bell (12) ASST: Holden Doell (17), Jake Southgate (19) 2-1 stars

18:41 DEFEAT Kian Bell (13) ASST: Jake Southgate (20), Jordan Gibbs (9) 3-1 stars

Second period:

6:57 DEF Jackson Allan (4) ASST: Steven Kesslering ( ), Evan Waldie (8) (PP) 4-1 stars

7:37 EST Logan Ziegler (5) ASST: Mitch Kohner (7), Owen Miley (8) 4-2 stars

9:03 DEFEAT Jordan Gibbs (5) ASST: Jake Southgate (21) 5-2 stars

Third period:

0:47 EST Cody Davis (9) ASS: Alex Blanchard (11), Mitch Kohner (8) 5-3 stars

10:01 Holden Doell (10) ASST: Easton Rask (2), Jake Southgate (21) 6-3 stars

2:40 PM EST Jagjeevan Phanguara (6) ASST: Logan Ziegler (12) 6-4 stars

18:56 BAT Tynan Ewart (3) ASST: None (EN) 7-4 stars

7-4 North Stars, the final

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