Southern California ski resorts see surprise snowstorm to help spring skiing, great conditions at Mountain High Resort

WRIGHTWOOD, Calif. (KABC) – Fresh snow couldn’t come at a better time for ski resorts and other businesses in our local mountains early in the weekend.

After very dry January and February in the San Gabriel Mountains, a late winter weather system sets in. At Mountain High, they hope for more snow as they continue their skiing and snowboarding season.

“At the top right now we’ve got about two and a half feet of snow, then down it’s a foot, a foot and a half,” Mountain High spokesman Zach Longacre said. “There are a few weak points, we are starting to get into spring skiing and spring conditions, but there is enough snow to keep us going.”

Longacre says they are still seeing the benefits of those gigantic storms that passed through the region ahead of the New Year.

“It gave us lots of snow, and then the melt gave us lots of water to continue making snow in January and February,” Longcare said.

Even though it wasn’t snowing this morning, it was windy and cold.

“You get to the top of the mountain, it’s windy and cold and a little foggy, but here it’s not that bad, it’s nice,” said skier Brian Collins.

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As spring approaches, it’s that time of year when temperature swings can be dramatic.

“A few days ago I was in shorts and a t-shirt, it was about 90 degrees in the valley, so a little different,” Collins said.

Many skiers enjoyed the late season wintry weather.

“Oh I love the cold, I think the weather is nice today,” said snowboarder Pauline. “I was here last week actually, and it was 14 degrees Celsius, very hot.”

It’s 57 degrees Fahrenheit, and that was before the hot weather earlier this week when it was nearly 70 degrees in the mountains.

“Super, super hot, you know, we thought all the snow was going to go away.” says snowboarder Daniel. “I was talking to the ladies inside and they were saying, you know, they’re expecting it to last about this month, not much more, so, you know, just hoping it lasts the most as long as possible.”

In Big Bear Lake, little snow fell on Thursday, only about an inch on the ground, but all major ski and snowboard resorts are still operating well.

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