Snowstorm Safety for Commercial Areas, Roads and Walkways in the Twin Tiers


ELMIRA, NY (WETM) – The storm has passed, snow plows are still busy. At the top of their list are safety protocols to prevent car accidents and injuries in the Twin Tiers.

It is important to stay safe on the road even when parking. Choosing the right parking spaces can save you from danger.

“The best option is to find a parking spot that is not covered in snow. If you see snow contractors actively working, try to stay away. We go back and forth, we turn a lot and we try to clear the snow as quickly as possible,” said Brian Demark, owner/operator, Premier Landscaping.

Local snowplow companies do their best to cover the driveways of parking lots with salt to ensure that no accidents occur while traveling to a restaurant or store of your choice.

“Sometimes the salts don’t cover every square foot of the entire parking lot or area you’re trying to serve. It is important that you recheck the spot treatment if necessary,” Demark said.

They clean all areas with stop signs where most people walk to prevent anyone from slipping and falling.

“People are walking between the signs and between Ballard’s and stuff like that. So we always want to try and clear the snow around the bottom of those,” Demark said.

While everyone is shoveling to maintain a clean driveway, the expectation is to make sure you’re not making a bigger pile for your neighbor or the plow drivers.

You don’t want to put someone at risk of getting hurt as they come and go.

“You want to use common sense and only shovel the amount of snow you are capable of to make sure you push the snow off your property. Don’t push it onto the roadway or onto anyone else’s property,” said Sgt. Mike Skroskznik of the Chemung County Sheriff’s Office.


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