Snowstorm leads to three semi-knockdowns and two semi-jacketings in Campbell County


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By Jennifer Kocher, Cowboy State Daily

One tractor-trailer shift per shift is enough to keep firefighters busy, let alone five in a day.

Gusty winds, blowing snow, cold temperatures and icy road conditions are partly to blame for the three rollovers and two jackknifed tractor-trailers on 1-90 and other Campbell County roads, including three in less than two hours between 10 a.m. and noon. .

No one was seriously injured in any of the crashes.

It was the most Campbell County Fire Department Battalion Chief Bryan Borgialli had ever done in a day.

“The roads were nothing but a sheet of ice,” Borgialli told the Cowboy State Daily on Thursday. “Probably some of the worst roads we’ve ever been on.”

He was nearly hit during one of the calls when a car came speeding up the hill and braked too hard when they saw the flashing lights. He had already been hit once under the same conditions, he said, when he joined the force 19 years ago.

“I didn’t need to do that again,” he said.

Icy road conditions also slowed them to speeds of between 40 and 50 mph as they tried to deal with crashes.

Two of the wrecks occurred on 1-90 near Gillette while the others were on Highway 59 South and Highway 50, the latter of which forced the roadway closed for several hours to clear a tractor-trailer that slid was walletd around noon.

He’s not an accident expert, he said, but he thought the crashes were more related to low-speed driving and rollover.

“The roads were treacherous but quite deceptive,” he said, especially given the temperate weather last week which he said tends to make people more complacent at this time of year.

That and overestimating the road conditions.

“People should decide whether they really need to travel or not,” he said. And if so, he urged drivers to reduce their speed and be on the lookout for emergency vehicles.

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