‘Snow Mountain’ Forms in Downtown OKC as Crews Work to Clean City Streets


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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – This is just an illustration of the exact amount of snow we have seen in recent days.

A huge pile of snow grows in downtown Oklahoma City.

“Trying to keep the streets clear and keep them safe as much as possible so that everyone can drive right now,” said Tim Brill of Rudy Construction.

His crews, under contract with OKC, ride the subway, pick up snow, put it in the backs of dump trucks, then dump it into Bob Howard Field west of Chesapeake Energy Arena.

“This is a historic amount of snow that we have received,” said Oklahoma City spokesperson Kristy Yager.

The mountain continues to grow.

“We’ll fill most of that parking lot and even this one behind us if we have to,” said Brill.

Even though it sounds funny from a distance, the crews are warning you… stay away.

“Please don’t nobody be there,” Brill said. “It’s compacted snow. It will be like razor blades, I mean ice.

The downtown area can be a challenge to clean up.

City staff say one of the reasons is that the sun can’t reach many areas of downtown, and you can’t plow the sidewalks.

“We need accessible sidewalks for ADA use and for business, which requires us to hire someone to pick up all the snow and bring it to a location,” Yager said.

Now they are working to bring down the ‘snow capped mountain’ to help with the melting process, but staff say you can expect to see it there for at least a few weeks.

“I don’t know how long they will allow us to keep it there because it’s going to be a mountain and it’s going to be there for a while,” Yager said.


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