Sno Caps deserves better than just being relegated to the movies


When it comes to underrated treats, there’s one that seems to be often overlooked – Sno Caps. While we love them in the theater, we forget them everywhere else.

If there’s one tidbit that seems to be synonymous with movies, it would be Sno Caps. Also known as nonpareil, these little chocolate chunks are like snacking on mini kisses covered in crispy white nuggets. And yet, once we get out of the theater, we forget about these little treats as if they had done something wrong while we weren’t watching.

How Sno Caps became strictly relegated to the movies is beyond me. If you’ve ever sat in a dark theater munching on a handful of these semi-sweet chocolate bites, then you know how satisfying the experience really is. And yet, this candy is an underrated treat that so many people forget even exists.

Maybe it’s the fact that we associate this candy with movie theaters that makes us forget everything in the real world. But why? We obviously love Sno Caps enough to keep them a classic theater candy. So what is it that makes them so unappreciated in the real world?

Whatever the reason the Sno Caps were treated like a forgotten cousin who only gets a card on holidays and special occasions, they deserve better. In fact, I have to say, maybe it’s time to incorporate them into our home movie projects as well, as that would be the perfect way to give them new life.

Seriously, why wouldn’t you want to munch on some Sno Caps while cuddling with your boo? Of course, maybe you don’t like the little nuggets on the top. If so, we understand. But, if you like that extra bit of crunch, then why are you sleeping on those underrated treats?

Sno Caps deserve so much better than what we give them. And, hopefully, reminding snack lovers of these sweet treats will give them new life away from the movies and in our homes. Forget Netflix and Chill, it’s Netflix and Snack time.

Do you like Sno Caps? Have you forgotten about these sugary treats over the years? Do you think they deserve better than just being relegated to the dark corners of movie theaters? Tell us what you think in the comments.


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